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Is Your Kid a Reluctant Reader?

Billy Bad has won the hearts of thousands of parents and transformed reading time into a joyful experience.

The Children's Book Even Reluctant Readers Love to Read!

Are you struggling to get your child interested in reading? Many parents face this problem, but there's a solution that has worked wonders for countless families. Introducing Boogers for Lunch, a captivating and hilarious Dolche Site Word book that children can't resist.

Written specifically for kids who are reluctant readers, Boogers for Lunch has won the hearts of thousands of parents and transformed reading time into a joyful experience.

With its engaging storyline and relatable characters, this short book captures children's imaginations and keeps them eagerly turning the pages.

Billy Bad sight word books have stories that will capture the attention of early readers and make them laugh. When kids enjoy the stories they read they fall in love with reading.

Say goodbye to reading struggles and hello to a newfound love for books. Try Boogers for Lunch today and witness the positive impact it has on your child's reading journey.

Rave Reviews!

  • Few things can get my son to read a book on his own! Despite my best efforts, he's just not that into them. This little book is gross, but he likes it and has already read it several times! Reading is a little challenging for him but he thought this story was funny. My son is 6.

  • As a mom I gag as I read this book. But my 6 year old son loves it and reads it by himself, which is the point.

  • Made reading fun for a four year old! Who knew gross could be big winner. She told me it was not boring and wanted me to read it again.

  • Gross book that young kids love! Can be used as a great hygiene lesson for children and germ prevention. I only wish it would have been longer.

  • A good book for my 6 year old, who doesn't like to read! Good site word use also! We will read more Billy Bad books!

  • My first grader loved it, he was laughing the whole time and so was his brother. Great for engaging a young reader.

  • I purchased this for my 7 yr old and we both thought this was very funny. My son is a beginner reader and he wanted to read this on his own! What more could a parent ask for!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND for beginner reader

  • I came across this book and bought for my 9 year old boy. It is so funny and he laughs so much while he was reading. A great book to have fun and relax!

  • I big hit! My kids loved this story. They laughed at billy when he thought he was having boogers for lunch. We highly recommend this book.

  • My early reading daughter loves this book. It's funny and taught her some new words but was easy enough for her to read independently and enjoy it.

  • Every time I visit my grandchildren they ask for me to read this story. They screw their little faces up roll around saying "yuck! yuck!" but there is lots of laughter.

  • 6 year old boys enjoy learning to read when the content is interesting to them. There is more to life than the antics of puppies. Hooray for boogers😅

  • I work as an after school tutor and the kids loved this book........... it really got them begging to read......... thanks for having such a fun book available

  • So gross but my toddler loved it lol she and I couldn't stop laughing. The simple wording and pictures are perfect for her attention span.

  • My kids love it. They look forward to the next Billy Bad book. I recommend it. The illustrations are great too.

  • My K, 1st and 2nd grade boys think it is hilarious! I think it is sick. The point is they love to read it.

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